Wingman is on the move!

Hey everyone, Eric “Wingman” Peterson here inviting you to join our next great adventure!

What are we doing? We are building a new game studio from the ground up and are inviting you along for the ride. We will take you through the entire process from choosing a company name, to building a team, to designing and creating the next epic video game experience.

We will be blogging, Vlogging, and working with the community every step of the way. At Descendent Studios it is our pledge that we will keep everyone up to date on exactly where we are on the project, and how that relates to making the game fun. The Wingman’s hangar team will be coming back based around our new project, with Mike Morlan, myself and a few other familiar faces leading the charge.

So, join our forums, this is a chance to get a behind the scenes in depth look at the making of a game, and a company – come be OUR Wingman or WingWoman, and help us change the world of video game development.

See you in the verse!

Eric “Wingman” Peterson

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