Conquest: The Vyrium Uprising
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Conquest: Frontier Wars put you in the galactic hot seat and challenged you to deploy and control a massive star fleet in a battle to decide the fate of the universe.

You could choose from three playable races and oversee up to sixteen interplanetary battle maps simultaneously through the cunning use of wormholes. Specially constructed jump gates added a new dimension of strategic possibilities by introducing a supply line management system. You could even command up to six highly intelligent fleet admirals who carried your orders, assessed threats and reacted with tactics unique to their personalities.


Conquest succeeds in large part due to an epic atmosphere and a number of unique design elements that convey the complexity of waging war, from establishing supply lines to commissioning talented commanders.

GameSpot (8.2 of 10)

Definitely a must for anyone into the RTS scene, and still easily a game worth checking out for gamers the world over.

IGN (8.8 of 10 and Editor's Choice)

"Well-designed, graphically excellent, and superbly balanced races make this a game for any aficionado of the Real-Time Strategy (RTS) genre. If you liked Starcraft, you'll love Conquest... Simply put, this has been one of the harder reviews I've had to put together, merely because it means I'll have to stop playing to write it! Conquest: Frontier Wars is the best single real-time strategy to come out this year."

Gamezilla (98 of 100)

"The Wargamer endows Conquest: Frontier Wars with our coveted Award for Excellence for imaginative game design, exquisite play execution, and masterful integration of space campaign strategy gameplay elements, intergalactic star system travel, space fleet tactical battle action, and empire building resource management."

Wargamer.Com (5 of 5)

"Conquest: Frontier Wars is one of the most enjoyable RTS (titles) I've had the pleasure of playing... The combination of innovative and classic gameplay rarely occurs in one game but Conquest has managed it and even tied it up in a sharp and sexy graphical engine. I'm not surprised that the expansion pack to the game is already in development even before Conquest hits the shelves. It's a modern classic."

Strategy Planet (8.5 of 10)

If RTS is your type of game, then this game is WORTHPLAYING, a must get!
Best Real Time Space Strategy game of 2001!

WorthPlaying (Best RTS of 2001)

Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), 2000 Best of Show Awards - "Best PC Strategy Game"

All Games Network (AGN)