Conquest: The Vyrium Uprising
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From the creators of the critically acclaimed Conquest: Frontier Wars comes the next generation of interstellar conflict.

Conquest is a real-time strategy game set in the deep reaches of space. The player commands a vast armada of ships, refineries, and research facilities to become the dominant force in the universe.

Gameplay revolves around collecting resources, building a fleet, and expanding to neighboring star systems.

Take command of one of four different races, construct massive fleets, explore, colonize and gather resources on far-flung worlds, and conduct scientific research and weapons development.

But most of all, prepare for the Great War that threatens to destroy the galaxy and bring about a new dark age.


A New Threat

Conquest 2: The Vyrium Upising returns to the Conquest universe forty years after the Frontier War. It has been a time of peace between Terrans and the energy-based Celareons and banishment to the edges of known space for the insectoid Mantis.

But a new threat has erupted from within. A reptilian race known as the Vyrium have emerged as an expanding power to be reckoned with. Ill content with any form of control, they are now bent on galactic domination.

Graphical Style

The art of Conquest is stylized realism with rich and saturated colors. The world is a fully polygonal 3D environment with particle explosions that include the ships’ own hulls amongst the debris. Damaged hulls display raging fires and out-of-control energy. Full lighting effects illuminate the combatants and surrounding space.




The world of Conquest is saturated with sound - the pulse of industry, the heat of battle, commiques with your commanders - and music that underscores all with tension and power. Audio is used to warn you of threats and attacks in far-off star systems so you don’t let a fleet come to an ill end from neglect.


Save the Universe...

for Yourself!



Stunning 3D Space - 3rd-person with rotating camera, parallax bump mapping and self-shadowing create hyper-realistic environments.

Advanced Visual Effects - Particles, animation, sound, and lighting interact easily with a node-based editor and playback system.Unique

Technologies and Ancient Artifacts - Customize flag ships or special ships in your fleet by researching unique technologies or discovering ancient alien artifacts.

Random Space Encounters - Surprises in single-player or added spice for multiplayer, encounter unique fleets or massive space monsters.

Four Races, Four Campaigns - Command one of four unique races, each with their own special tactics.

Threaded Loading - Play in multiple systems, maintain supply lines, train fleet admirals to handle large fleets.