Conquest: The Vyrium Uprising
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Four Races to Command...or Conquer

The NEW Vyrium race brings a host of new units, technologies and strategies to the Frontier. Build your empire, conquer star systems, and defeat your enemies. But remember! Your opponents are bent on your destruction too!

Conquest 2: The Vyrium Uprising has four new campaigns.  Play through each race in a complete story involving the rise of the Vyrium and the struggle for control of the galaxy. 

The Vyrium are terrifying adversaries if they can get in close.  They favor very slow "get up close and pound them" tactics. To compensate for their lack of speed, their ships have heavily armored hulls. They lack shields, as their immature race never developed the necessary technology. They have very few long-range weapons, and the ones they do have are highly specialized.

 vyrium scout

Conquest 2 Brings New Features...

Vyrium Dreadnought  

NEW Artifacts and Special Weapons - Scour the universe for artifact technologies abandoned by a mysterious "precursor" race and use them to enhance your hold on space.

NEW Units and Tech - Devourers, Nectrops, Basilisks, Leviathans, Glimmers, and many more.  Every race from Conquest: Frontier Wars has been represented and improved with additional units. 

NEW Dynamic Galaxy - A host of new interstellar environments and planetary dangers. Wormholes come and go. Black holes await the unwary. Novas ravage star systems. Planets and star systems dry up. Astronomical oddities that directly affect shields, weapons and instrumentation. Be aware of your surroundings or you may find yourself lost in space.

NEW  Hostile Space Creatures - Random encounters with hostile, space faring creatures beyond imagining.

NEW  "Hero" Admirals - Personality-AI Admirals command your fleets, freeing you to concentrate on the big picture. This time, admirals are yours to command in both single and multiplayer games.

NEW Streamlined Resource Gathering - Resource gathering AI relieves you of the tedium of micromanagement so you may concentrate on the ultimate goal: Conquest of the Galaxy!

NEW  Multiplayer Game Modes - Deathmatch, Capture the Flagship, Emperor, Conquest and Objective-Based Missions.

NEW  Story and Cinematics - An intriguing plot filled with twists and surprises, punctuated by Hollywood-quality cinematics.

NEW  Graphics - Realtime 3D Space Combat. Particle explosions use individual ship pieces for their destruction, lighting effects are applied to weapons and space objects, and damage appears as ships are harmed.

...And Keeps the Award-winning Conquest Feel

Create Alliances...then Break Them! - Form alliances with other players to achieve your objectives - then wipe them from the universe when they stand in your way.

Protect Your Supply Lines or Watch Your Fleet Wither - First introduced with Conquest: Frontier Wars, supply lines are the lifeblood of your fleet. Lose them and you lose the stars.

Control the Universe...With a Mouse - A simple interface commands a complex world. Every command in Conquest may be accessed with simple point-and-clicks. No need to memorize complex key-strokes and hot-keys.

 Vyrium Fighter