Conquest: The Vyrium Uprising
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Our team of critically acclaimed independent game developers
has successfully shipped more than 20 games on all major platforms.

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 Eric Peterson - producer / project visionary

Eric Peterson has been a successful game designer and studio director for more than 20 years. He got his start at Origin Systems working on the successful Wing Commander and Privateer series.

Recently he managed Warthog PLC, where he was responsible for all applications and games content for the Gizmondo handheld device. While there he managed a team of over 200 developers in various countries around the world. Under his leadership the teams shipped 14 games on time and within budget.

Eric was previously the owner of Fever Pitch Studios, where he was responsible for all operational functions of the company, as well as producing/designing all of their video game projects. While at Fever Pitch he produced and designed the hit RTS game Conquest Frontier Wars.

He also was one of the founders of Digital Anvil, Inc. At Digital Anvil he negotiated initial funding for the company with Microsoft and AMD and was a producer and designer for Starlancer, as well as working on the Wing Commander film, and pitching in on all the other Digital Anvil video game projects. Digital Anvil was sold to Microsoft in January of 2001.

Mr. Peterson has a Bachelor of Arts degree in broadcast journalism from Texas State University.



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