Conquest: The Vyrium Uprising
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Our team of critically acclaimed independent game developers
has successfully shipped more than 20 games on all major platforms.

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 Michael Morlan - project  manager / storyteller

Michael wrote his first game - a lunar lander - in interpreted basic on the TRS-80 Model III.  He still has a dot-matrix, tractor-feed, fold-out printout of that program somewhere.

Always a generalist, never a specialist, Michael's experience and expertise spans the full gamut of design, art, and code.  He has had a varied career spanning thirty years, all of which informs his work as a game developer.  He has been a recording studio engineer, theme park A/V designer, programmer-analyst, 3D animator and video producer, and since 2006, a cinematographer.  Check out his work at

Michael joined Origin Systems in 1995 and quickly became the go-to guy for the writing, animation, direction, and editing of cinematic short films for the Lord British team.  Along the way, he also designed and coded the Ultima IX: Ascension magic and visual effects system and served as art director and mocap performer for Ultima Online: Third Dawn.



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